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Standard English Log Book Featuring Other Related Text: "Lifestyles Of The Rich And Famous", Lyrics By Good Charlotte

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1. Lyrics, "Lifestyles of the rich and famous" by Good Charlotte2. The physical journey depicted in the song "lifestyles of the rich and famous" by Good Charlotte shows us how street urchins worked their way up to the top to become the best they could be, which is of course, rich and famous.3. The key concept of the physical journey is to never give up even when your at the bottom of the food chain, there's always a chance, an opportunity for you to change to become a better person after doing the hard yards. Travel reveals many opportunities for growth and change, to make something simple special can make you famous.4. "I'd like to see them spend a week living life out on the street, I don't think they would survive""Walking in someone else's shoes""if money is such a problem, They got so many problems, Think I could solve them"5. Dialogue"I'd like to see them spend a week living life out on the street, I don't think they would survive"Shows us the difficulties faced by the band Good Charlotte in their journey to become famous and make something of their lives.Metaphor"Walking in someone else's shoes"Shows us their background in society, how they went from being poor and living on the streets too rich and famous and living in mansions. They know what it's like to be living on the streets and living the low life.Emotive language"if money is such a problem, They got so many problems, Think I could solve them"Shows their views while they are living on the streets with nothing and rich people have everything and they still aren't happy because they are too busy complaining, this emotive language shown through the short truncated sentences in the dialogue suggests that they could solve their problems by giving away their money to people living on the streets instead of using it all for themselves.6. The impact of the physical journey upon the members of the band "Good Charlotte" is that emotionally they are still attached to the side of themselves you don't see, them...

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