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Standard: Ms Ls1 4 Essay

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Most plant and animal species all have one common goal, which is to reproduce so they can live on. Each species has different or special qualities that allow them to reproduce effectively. Two species that do this exceptionally well are the elephant seal, and the dandelion. The elephant seal has many characteristics that give it an advantage to be successful at reproducing, such as they can mate any time of the year, and that the males and females can mate with more than one other elephant seal of the opposite sex. On the other hand the dandelion also has special qualities that allow it to reproduce. For example, they can grow year around due to their taproot allowing them to spread their seeds year around. Together both the elephant seal and the dandelion share the same goal, but have different methods of how to get there.

As I mentioned earlier, the elephant seal has many characteristics that allow it to reproduce effectively. The first is that logistically they could mate any time of the year, but the most common is that they mate during the breeding season and give birth to their pup during the duration of the next breeding season, which is in the winter. The second characteristic that allows the elephant seal to reproduce effectively is they can mate with more than one elephant seal of the opposite sex. My reasoning for my first point as to why this enhances their chances for reproduction is since the females get eleven months to store up on food, this allows them to give the most nutrients possible to their expected pup, making the next generation of elephant seals strong and healthy. My reasoning for my second point is that since the elephant seal can mate with more than one other elephant seal of the opposite sex, this allows the females to have the best chance at becoming pregnant and producing the next generation. According to the Society for Marine Mammalogy DNA analysis shows a high, positive relationship of mating success and the female giving birth to the pup eleven months later. This proves that the characteristics that I mentioned earlier really do allow the elephant seal to reproduce effectively.
In addition to elephant seals having special characteristics to reproduce effectively, dandelions do as well. The first characteristic that dandelion’s have to reproduce...

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