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Standardized Test Scores: The Best Indicator Of Future Academic Success

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A college has a student’s application in-hand deciding whether or not to admit an aspiring college student. He has a 2.0 GPA, but a 28 on his ACT. Since he does not meet the admission requirements on high school grade point average, he is not admitted. The same college has another application in hand. This time it is a high school student with a 3.5 GPA, and a 16 on his ACT. He is admitted to the University. Nothing projects cognitive ability more than ACT/SAT scores, yet the student is not admitted simply because he struggled his first two years of high school before turning his life around. Admitted was the student with the 3.5 GPA was 5th in a class of 33. Declined was the student who was 69th in a class of almost 300. Through the years, more emphasis has been placed on high school transcripts than standardized test scores, but they are not the best indicators of success. Standardized test scores are the single best indicator of higher learning success.
High school transcripts can be misleading, especially when one puts into account who makes the grades, and who facilitates the testing that is done. Transcripts are thought to be true, but they are not. Grade inflation is a prime example of why transcripts can be misleading. Grade inflation deals with lowering class rigor or grade “Cut offs” in order to make it easier for students to succeed in academic competition. It is a fact that administrators do lower grading standards in response to competition between students and getting into colleges. (Walsh 1) A student taking non-C.P. classes may have a misleading transcript. (Insert statistic of amount of students that have taken non-C.P. classes, and graduated in the first quarter of their class). Cheating in class is a classic example of how misleading a transcript can be. Students who never get caught cheating can very easily make their way through high school with a 3.5 or above, then go to college and get kicked out due to plagiarism. Excessive homework has an effect on high school GPA, due to declining grades in students who cannot do most of the work at home with the increasing need for technology. Students today are expected to have printers, computers, and flash drives. With the increased need for technology, comes the increased need for money, which most people do not have in today’s economy. If a student does not have the technology, sometimes they simply cannot do the work given to them. Grades also may vary from teacher to teacher according to how rigorous their coursework is. Who decides the grades plays a huge role in high school GPA. It is commonly known that the “teacher’s pet” always ends up getting an “A” in the class. This holds true with some teachers, which could cause a higher grade to be given just because the teacher does not have the heart to give their favorite student a bad grade. Coaches of athletes have been known to bump up grades to keep their star players on the field. If a student is a star on the team and the...

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