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Standardized Testing Has Not Been A Proven Helper To Students

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Standardized Testing is not a proven helper to students.
Standardized Testing, such as the SAT and ACT, is for measuring a student’s knowledge. Unfortunately, standardized tests do not fulfill their purpose. According to Winter 2007 peerReview, “ACT tests seek to predict how current high school students will perform in courses commonly taken by new college students,”(24). These trials are simply beneficial to devise one for a more important test such as the MCAT when entering medical school or other entrance tests when dealing with other vocations. In the past, standardized testing was still conceived of as partial to cultures. Also, that is dealing with politics and economically biased. ...view middle of the document...

A student has to stay focused and push aside the emotional and social pressures upon them. When taking standardized tests, a lot is flowing through your mind all at once and interrupts one’s thinking process, which is when a student’s mental capacity is being examined. Being stuck between two choices and having to decipher the correct solution is a hard decision to make.
Standardized Testing does not prove a student is college ready. According to F.B. Clarke, “Standardized testing does not provide an accurate representation of curricular mastery because the majority of outcomes in a modern curriculum are observable behaviours and cannot be scored by a machine,” (A10). Some may think one just goes into college like everyday life without needed habits to succeed. When entering with that set of mind, it will not be an easy road to travel. Being college ready includes being determined, being disciplined, and being responsible. A student needs determination to get through the long nights ahead of long English papers and Science homework. Without determination, nothing will be accomplished. A student needs to be disciplined in order to keep everything straight. True discipline is to stay in when homework is due, which is a sacrifice, or doing it early so one may go enjoy themselves. Without discipline one will not be successful. Also, a student needs to be responsible turning in work on its due date and not skipping class like the majority students. All of these needed characteristics even help future professors. When possessing these character traits, it is not just self-benefiting, but benefits others. According to Winter 2007 peerReview, “Working with underprepared students is a source of stress for fifty-six percent of faculty. Forty-one percent of faculty at all types of institutions say that most of their students lack the basic skills needed for college level work,” (24). Character and behavior actually affects others. Without these, it causes unnecessary stress upon professors.
Standardized Testing causes some to demonstrate bad testing skills. Anxiety starts when all of reality crashes in, which is the fact that this test will determine the student’s future. Also, if desired score is not reach, the student must keep retaking until desired score is reached. That is a task no student would wish to undertake. As stated by Marc Spooner and Paul Orlowski, “Many children experience increased anxiety as the testing dates get closer and especially upon testing days” (A6). The realization that a student’s future is weighed upon this one test is a lot to bear. Time is such a factor when taking a standardized test. The time limit is one of the students’ biggest fears when testing. The second biggest fear is coming upon an unknown answer causing more anxiety. All the questions to answer in such little time and one has no strategy causes a mental breakdown. Also,...

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