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Standardized Testing Is Not The Answer

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prepared to graduate and have all the resources that they need to graduate but simply may not pass because of the fact that they have so much pressure put on them to pass it. Careers also use standardized state test in order to decide if a person can practice a certain career or not. By the time students have reached their careers they have taken so many standardized tests that don’t fully prepare them for adult life. Many Standardized test are used for this purpose to decide if a student is ready for the real world, even though in reality it is not a good factor used to determine if a student is prepared for their adult lives and the possible career choice that they want to go into. ...view middle of the document...

Standardized testing often requires students to sit for hours at a time which causes them to become less active in the test, and often cause them to get distracted and misbehave more often.
In current years the rise of SAT and ACT scores are steadily rising. Some students that are low class or struggling to be able to pay for these tests are not able to take the test which can affect the possibility of them being able to attend college. Forecasters predict that by the year of 2018 about 60% of jobs will require at least a college degree. If the students that are able to attend college begins to decrease from the rise of test taking prices, then there will be more people that will possibly end up unemployed. Even if some students are able to get to college and take their career test, the families and students may still not be able to pay for the testing to occur. With the decrease of workers then there will be a decrease in the amount of professional workers that communities will have, such as doctors and social workers.
In conclusion, standardized testing should not have so much weight put on them because they have a negative impact on effective education, students’ self-concept, and learning styles. Even though with all of the effects explained, and all of the data that is available that explains how negative standardized testing to not only the students in school, but also to the teachers, states continue to put them into the earliest possible stage of student’s lives as possible. Many educators believe that standardized testing is not the best way to portray students’ abilities to learn or tell how well the teacher does at transferring the information needed, because the tests stresses everyone out and does not improve student or teacher achievement. Currently the only thing that standardized test do is make teachers jobs more difficult, students feel unworthy, and testing results inaccurate. Not only do standardized test do the preceding but they are often known to be biased and show favoritism among certain ethnicities. Although there is an abundance of facts that show how standardized test change curriculum, how bias they are, how the test do not improve anything, how they don’t involve all of the learning skills, and how much stress they...

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