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Standarized Testing Should Be Removed In School Districts In Washington State

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Andersen / Standardized Testing / Period 5
School Districts in Washington State should remove the requirements of standardized testing. The tests that are taken are not a valid way of showing a student’s complete abilities that are showcased in class. The way that the tests are all the same and some students have only learned some of the materials because of the classes that chose to take in high school don’t teach everything that is on the test. Taking these tests are putting a toll on high school students and causing them stress and anxiety.
Standardized testing does not let students show how capable they truly are. School Districts in Washington State should remove the testing so that ...view middle of the document...

School Districts in Washington State should remove the testing because it is putting too much stress on students and they aren’t able to perform to their full potential. Instead of the testing being a big part in what colleges are seeking in students to attend there, rather they should look at what classes they took in high school and what grades they earned. Seeing how they did over 4 years is a better “Teens' average stress level was 5.8 out of 10 during the school year…” (USA Today) If colleges were to look at the transcripts and no standardized testing scores it would reduce the stress of a student. Everyday a student stresses about school because colleges do look at grade and since they don’t have to worry about the test anymore, it will let the student relax a bit and get better grades on their transcript. Once they removed the testing the School Districts in Washington State would have relaxed students that will excel in college.
Many people disagree and believe that School Districts in Washington State should continue to have standardized testing. Although they think that it is a good idea for students to take these tests because they are equal, and the treat every student the same. That is...

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