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Standarizing A Physician Assistant´S Scope Of Practice

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Physician assistant’s scope of practice is defined by the level of education, experience, state laws, facility policies and the supervising physician’s delegations. PAs work as a team with the supervising physician and they support the physician’s scope of practice. Since the physician assistants are also educated in the medical model, PAs also practice with physicians in every specialty and setting.
The precise tasks performed by the different PAs are determined by the boundaries of factors like education, experience, state laws, facility policy and the supervising physician’s delegatory decisions. Each factor should be effectively constructed in order to deliver the efficient health care to the patients. State laws and regulations define the physician assistant’s scope of practice as well as serve to establish licensure and competency requirements.
Since the inception of the profession, dramatic changes have occurred in the way states deal with PA practice. The first state laws for PAs, passed in the 1970s, allowed broad delegatory authority by the supervising physician.
In recent years, much progress has been made in standardizing the regulation of PAs. All 50 states, the District of Columbia, and most U.S. territories have enacted statutes and regulations that define PAs and their qualifications, describe their scope of practice, discuss supervision, designate the agency that will administer the law, set application and renewal criteria, and establish disciplinary measures for specified violations of the law.
Scope of practice for PAs in Indiana:
A physician assistant must engage in a dependent practice with physician supervision. A physician assistant may perform the duties and responsibilities that are delegated by the supervising physician and that are within the supervising physician’s scope of practice, including prescribing and dispensing drugs and...

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