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Standertized Testing: A Good Indicator Or A Bad One

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“One test result is the worth one-thousand expert opinions.” The result of standardized testing can establish many results but do they imply the true capabilities of a student or their ability to study for the test. I will discuss in this paper what the arguments on both sides are for standardized testing.
The notion of testing is due to the obsession of people to classify people, the ‘mental defectives’ from the ‘gifted’ in the population. Historically the test were conducted by people who had high social power so the test were culturally biased because the lower class couldn’t pass them. For instance, the IQ tests that were done during the World War I were the recruits were asked to state what was missing in a picture and most of the times the pictures were things, such as a violin, cards, bowling alley and tennis court etc., which people who weren’t in the elite circle might not have been exposed to. Just because they weren’t exposed to them that doesn’t mean they were of lower mental capabilities. However that was in the past.
Even though we don’t face such an issue since the test-makers are trying to be as culturally neutral as possible when they are making the tests, like being careful with their wording etc., but they are other problems that are still present. Some of the common standard test are the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), the Iowa Test of Basic Skills (ITBS) and the Canadian Achievement Test (CAT). To its supporters, standardized testing is the pre-eminent way. In addition it is also an inexpensive way to assess the capabilities of the students, how well the teachers teach, and to decide where a school does stands in terms of its achievement. Furthermore they are deemed as the fairest form of assessment and can provide a sense of what students should be studying.

On the opposite side, they believe that it is not a good source to be used to measure the capability of a student to go to the next grade or get into a good university (Garrett, 2014).
Not only does it affect students its also affects the school because governments and organizations help schools monetarily and the better a school does the more that they get. However standard test also divide school into “high-performing schools” and “low-performing schools”. As a result of this segregation the “high-performing schools” get support and are highly admired for being the best and the “low-performing schools” are closed down or looked down on because of their low results. Future more it demoralizes the students who need support the...

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