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Today there are numerous places where one can look up a daily horoscope: magazines, newspapers, and a plethora of online websites. Horoscopes are not just randomly thought up each day by the writer. They are carefully researched, interpreted, and written by analyzing the placement of the stars and planets on a given day. The growth of astrology, and the resulting knowledge, is closely tied to the study of constellations. Astrology has grown from the past and by researching the history of astrology and constellations one can infer that they have a similar history and future to the world.
Understanding constellations provides a basis for understanding what astrology is, and how the constellations fit into that particular form of science. Constellations are groups of stars that form a shape in the sky, as interpreted by people who study the stars. Astrology is the study of how events in peoples daily lives correspond, and are effected by, the positions and movements of celestial bodies. As the concepts of astrology became more widely used and understood, many ancient civilizations like the Mesopotamians, Egyptians, Romans and Greeks began to add onto the ideas of astrology.
As the awareness of astrology increased many people/civilizations around the world developed new ideas about how to apply astrology into their lives. They began to see how it could apply to their own individual lives, as well as major world events. Ancient people believed that the stars were a reflection of what the gods were doing in the heavens. Farmers began to use stars as a source of how and when to plant their crops and maintain cattle. For example, whenever Polaris, the North Star, appeared in the sky, farmers used its guiding light to safely get their herds back to their stables. As the practice of looking to the stars for guidance became more prevalent, Ptolemy, a Greek astrologer, was credited for interpreting and designating the stars into constellations. He was also the first person to record these into a written book, which not only named the constellations, but also characteristic of the stars including the brightness and the distance form earth.
Since astrology involved closely studying the stars and constellations, the study of astrology encouraged many new discoveries to the world. Today one can spot different constellations rising in different months, years, or parts of the day. As astrologers noticed this happening they began to mark, what we now know as a day, month and year, onto the zodiacal calendar. The names from the zodiacal calendar were inspired by the constellations that one knows of today. One of the benefits from studying the stars was the common discovery of other celestial bodies in the sky. Astrologers began to spot undiscovered planets, which soon helped to advance the thoughts of astrology throughout the world.
As studying constellations began to be the core of many...

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