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Star Star Essay

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3-Dec-2000Mr. Robert MedleyGeneral Manager, Business Services DivisionStarstar Communications Network Inc.Chicago, IL 00000Dear Mr. Medley,I have gone through the files and electronic mails on Excel Tire Corporation. I have realized the reasons behind all this misconceptions are due to the miscommunication between Ms. Janet Beechum of Excel tire and Mr. J Lumbar, Technical Services coordinator. Mr. Lumbar took Ms. Beechum's query about combining ...view middle of the document...

About the other query about splitting signals to share satellite dishes and signals of Ms. Beechum, Mr. Lumbar has given technical possibility rather than answering about the legal possibility. Possible reasons for the miscommunications could be because of Ms. Beechum's lack of technical skill to comprehend the technical information, this was communicated to you by Mr. Gandoff but not communicated to our Technical team or a failure from our side to properly coordinate between our technical team and Ms. Beechum.I would think the best way to salvage the contract is to clarify to Ms. Beechum about the miscommunications and tell her clearly about the existing technologies available with Starstar and the legal possibility to share the dishes and signals. Since she already had a bad experience with other company, we have to clarify that nothing that happened is intentional and we will provide all details and supports required by Excel Tire Corporation. We could also mention about the future possibilities of combining various signals into one signal and providing a very cost effective way for transmitting data.Sincerely,Karthikeyan NSales and Marketing DepartmentStarstar Communications Network Inc.Chicago, IL 00000.

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