Sci Fi At It's Best: Star Wars

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Star Wars is the biggest influence and best rated sci-fi series in all of America. With unforgettable characters, unique weapons and aircraft, and powerful mythology, Star Wars has shaped how all outer-planetary sci-fi movies and shows are made today. Although many people think Star Wars is an exact replica of Star Trek, they are sadly mistaken. Time frame, species, events, mythology, characters, it’s all different and in no way better than Star Wars.
Star Wars began with one mans stellar imagination and love for science fiction. This mans name was George Lucas. Born May, 14th, 1944 in Modesto, California, Lucas grew up in the suburbs and began an early passion for cars and racing. After high school and a short trip to community college, Lucas transferred to the University of Southern California filmmaking school, where he began production on his first sci-fi film, THX-1138. Shortly after college, Lucas went back to his racing roots to create his first huge hit movie, American Graffiti. After getting a taste of filmmaking success, he tried to do sci-fi again, and struck complete gold with Star Wars.(Lucas Bio)
Released in 1977, Star Wars soon became the most talked about movie in America. With easily definable ,but very unique, characters, lustrous landscapes, and an original feel on fantasy and heroic stories, Star Wars had everything it needed to be a great American sci-fi movie. People of all ages would line up to see what everyone was talking about, then go back the next night, and the next night (Mark Hamill, “Luke Skywalker”). With everything Star Wars was becoming, their was no doubt that merchandise was going to be made.
All over the United States, Star Wars action figures, clothes, costumes, and much more was being created. For decades to come, more and more products have been made and are still being purchased. Many clothing lines and designers are continuing to come up with new and humorous ideas for clothing designs relating to the Star Wars universe. Every halloween, kids and even adults can be seen wearing different costumes of Star Wars characters. The Star Wars themed toy line is one of the best selling toy lines ever, with some of the highest priced toys ever made (Squidoo). A certain toy, a “Kenner Telescoping Lightsaber Darth Vader” recently went on sale for $30,000 in America(Squidoo). This shows just how powerful of an influence Star Wars has on toy collectors. However, collectors weren't the only ones wanting these toys. Children of all ages had Star Wars toys at the top of their Christmas lists every year (Hamill).
Star Wars was the #1 highest grossing movie of 1977 and the #49 highest grossing movie of all time (Box Office). This doesn't count the other movies which also have high grossing numbers, including the highest one, Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace peaking the complete series at #15 (Box Office). After the first was released in 1977, there was no doubt that people would pay to see the many sequels to...

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