Star Wars: A Modern Epic Essay

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Star Wars is one of the best modern epics of its time. Starting with the world famous "in media res..."(The story starts in the middle of the action, in media res, and at a critical point; the events that happened before the narrative's opening are introduced later on.) It is an epic with a great hero, setting, and a lot of captivating action. Although many people still think that epics were only written in ancient times, interestingly enough, many great epics are still being written today.The story focuses on a young hero with many admirable qualities. His name is Luke Skywalker. In an epic, the hero is a figure of great national or international importance. Many things enhance Luke's personality, but three qualities I am about to list are the best. Luke is very brave, confident, and is an amazing thinker. These are very good qualities of an epic hero, especially one of Luke's stature. Luke also has a few more enlightening qualities such as he does not panic, he is considerate, and he is not afraid to stand out. As said earlier, and I emphasize it, these are great characteristics of an epic hero. However, to increase your interest in Star Wars, let me tell you where Luke's journey takes place.Star Wars takes place in space, (go figure) on a foreign planet, in Han Solo's spaceship, and on a large enemy space station called "Death Star" which is in the shape of a moon. Luke and his mentor Obi Wan Kanobe hire Han Solo to take them to a planet, but just as they arrive, Darth Vader blows it up. So, Han, Obi Wan, and Luke try to leave, but are captured by Darth and his crew, only to rescue the princess, blow up the station, and save the day. Luke, in turn, discovers the force, which is a type of gravity within, sort of like a feeling that you can do what you put your mind to. Many of the best parts take place in Death Star. Death Star contains one of the most evil men to live: Darth Vader. The setting of this epic is very epic-like because usually an epic setting is vast in scope, sometimes world wide and even beyond. Star Wars is beyond...

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