Star Wars Movies Are Better Than Star Trek Movies

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away....
the first pilot of the franchise Star Trek was released, and with the premier of STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE in 1977, Geeks, nerds, and overall fanatics have had a debate ever since over which Sci-fi magnate made for the best cinematic entertainment. I would like to personally settle this argument with four main points in favor of the better movie franchise: STAR WARS. My four points are: 1. STAR WARS has better weapons, 2. STAR WARS has better villains, 3. STAR WARS has better music, and finally, 4. Star Trek is less of a motion picture ICON than STAR WARS.....
The first point of argument I’d like to express is that the STAR WARS films have far better and more impressive weapons than Star Trek. Not only is this shown by the death star, a massive display of weaponized strength, but by how the centerpiece weapon of Star Trek, the phaser, pales in comparison to the flagship weapon of STAR WARS: the lightsaber. The lightsaber is a cultural icon and has been modeled in toys, replicas, and many other forms. Chris Anderson of points out that, “A pulsating beam of light that is a sword that slices through metal like butter,” is an idea original to the star wars saga, whereas laser guns have been done repeatedly in science fiction (Anderson).

score: STAR WARS-1 Star Trek-0

My second reason that STAR WARS is the better movie franchise is that STAR WARS has better villains. The empire is a far scarier galactic villain than any threat in Star Trek because they control such a large chunk of the STAR WARS universe. Anywhere the rebels go, they have to be on the lookout for servants of the Emperor. On a more specific level, the main villain of STAR WARS: episodes IV-VI, Darth Vader, is such a widely recognized, parodied, and enjoyed figure of evil that Star Trek can’t hope to compete in the villain category (Anderson).
score: STAR WARS-2 Star Trek-0

Music plays a huge part in how people view movies. It impacts the audience at key moments and sets the mood for the scene (Bell). The score for STAR WARS was created and directed by John Williams, a master at producing iconic film music. Williams...


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