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Star Wars Revelations is a film done and created by the fans. It is a film which is easily relatable if someone is a fan of the Star Wars, if they are not a fan of the series then they would not be able to relate to it. Star Wars was a blockbuster film which created a huge fan base with their very first movie and continued to grab people’s attention. Fans felt a sense of ownership and pride when watching Star Wars Revelations, that it created this spreadable medium between fans.
Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green would view Star Wars Revelations as spreadable source of means, because this movie gives fans the sense of community which reaches several access points for grabability, and quoteability. Jenkins argues in his book Spreadable Media that spreadability works, and it has changed the playing field for companies and producers. “The question is ‘of what’. Everyone has a sphere where they fell comfortable exerting agency- maybe it’s their work, maybe it’s raising their children, maybe it’s collecting stamps. Outside of that sphere, most people are creators only within carefully limited circumstances; most people cannot draw, but anyone can color inside lines, or trace” (Jenkins, Ford, & Green, 157). Looking into Star Wars Revelations if you are not a fan of Star Wars you will not understand the film which was produced and created by fans. The fans that created this film relate to other fans because there is a sense of grabability and quoteability; they understand the story behind the story.
It is no surprise to Jenkins that the Star Wars Revelations was a huge success story. The Star Wars community already has spreadability within their network. Social media such as Facebook, and Twitter have helped make media forms such as “Star Wars Revelation” spreadable. In the new internet era everyone has the opportunity to make it, and everyone is a spokesperson. What people say and put out on the internet will be seen, and the power of spreadability is greater than ever with the help of social media. “The social practices of spreadable media necessitate material that is quotable providing easy ways for audiences to be able to excerpt from the material and to share those excerpts with others and grabbable providing the technological functions which make that content easily portable and sharable (Jenkins et al., 188)”.
In my opinion I would have...

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