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Starbuck Marketing Strategy Essay

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Le Thi Ngoc Huyen - Janice3Introduction:Recently, Starbucks continues its second store in HO CHI MINH CITY.HCM (building President Place, District 1), launch plans to develop chain stores in Vietnam. The new store has an area of less than 50% of the first store (opened back in February 2013, New World Hotel), but is designed with a modern style, warm, to serve every customer.In honor of world heritages of Vietnamese coffee, Starbucks has introduced a new drink called Starbucks Asian Dolce Latte, coffee cuisine typical of Europe merges with inspired strong coffee from Vietnam.The right strategy, said go slow and make investment, thorough market research, product diversification and innovation in business are the tangible know-how which analysts business strategies can be developed from the success of Starbucks. But in the eyes of consumers, it comes to the success of Starbucks is talking right to the business culture that they have actively built. Policies for active employees, energetically participated in charitable activities, environmental protection activities is associated with the Starbucks brand since its inception.Besides, the biggest reason that Starbucks is easily integrated in many countries and is fast becoming the leading brands in coffee fans are probably the humility and telescoped into the surroundings of the Starbucks coffee shop. Though located in a bulky or extensive University campus, the Starbucks cafes has always occupied a corner quiet laneways, humble, no ornament, and fancy. The casual, Bohemian of the cafe on the Milan summer plus speed, pace of American-style coffee industry has created to Starbucks the sociable, easy to raise in sympathyI am a member of the market analysis reporting to the Group Manager for Starbucks Vietnam. I'm going to look into the range marketing aspects on the following and to compile a report to be able for discussion:3.1 How 'Starbuck Vietnam' developed products to sustain competitive advantageProduct development is really vital because it is an important means by which members of organizations diversify, adapt, and even reinvent their firms to match evolving market and technical conditions. With the variety of coffee, consumer demand increasingly higher, so Starbucks is developing products to meet customer needs. Product development is a process by which an organization transforms data on market opportunities and technical possibilities into information assets for commercial production (B.Clark, 1991).Product development is essentially a simulation of production and consumption. It creates information assets that are intended to represent elements of the future consumption process. Starbucks, for example, see that customers aware of a growing trend to use products like tea is good for health. So, Starbucks product planners try to anticipate customer expectations and internalize customer needs several years into the future. Foreign stores present challenges, but they also create synergies, like...

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