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Starbucks A Coffee Shop Chain Takes The World

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Proposal As the leading retailer, roaster and brand of specialty coffee, the Starbucks Corporation is expanding heavily around the globe. Founded almost thirty years ago, they started there global operations in 1996 with Starbucks International, a wholly owned subsidiary of Starbucks.Today, Starbucks has over 5,000 retail outlets worldwide, mainly company-operated stores with total net revenues of $2.2 billion in fiscal 2000.In regions outside North America, Starbucks International always forms joint venture partnerships with strong partners to use their distribution and catering knowledge in each country. In Spring 2002 Starbucks and KarstadtQuelle are going to open the first Starbucks store in Germany?s capital city Berlin, following several coffee stores located in larger cities. Over the long run they are planning to open about 1,500 outlets in Germany.The intention of my term paper called ?Starbucks ? A Coffee-Shop Chain Takes The World? is to introduce Starbucks and its strategies to you, especially because they are coming to Germany, as I mentioned above.My work will give you specific information about Starbucks? History, from the beginning years in 1971 over to what Starbucks is today. The following Company Profile describes briefly Starbucks? product portfolio and their business strategies. In addition to complete the Starbucks? Profile I will explain their mission statement and the often used term of the ?Starbucks Experience?.Furthermore I will give you an overview of Starbucks? international expansion, various joint venture partnerships, and especially the alliance with KarstadtQuelle AG in Germany.Moreover, I conducted some research about the German coffee market itself as well as their potential competitors and customers.Special emphasis is then taken on the marketing mix of Starbucks and the adoption possibilities for Germany. A summary and foresight will conclude my work.You may wonder why I have exactly chosen this company. Last year, I was an exchange student at Hawaii Pacific University for half a year. There, I visited Starbucks? stores for the first time and I immediately was impressed. It was a place I felt home and it became my second home, indeed. No matter if I studied or met my friends, it was the place to get a cup of coffee and to remain for a while.Back in Germany, I missed my second home and would have given a lot for a Frappuccino®. Then, as I heard they are coming to Germany I was so excited and I still cannot wait until there are here.Now, I hope you will enjoy my work and do not forget to get a cup of coffee before you start reading.Sincerely, Kerstin Bäuerle Proposal Table of contents I. Starbucks 1.1 History page 6 - 8 1.2 Company Profile page 8 - 9 1.3 Mission Statement page 10 - 11 1.4 The Starbucks Experience - Third Place Theory page 11 II. International Expansion 2.1 Starbucks takes the world page 11 - 12 2.2 Starbucks in Europe page 12 - 13 2.3 Joint venture with KarstadtQuelle AG page 13 - 14...

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