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Starbucks Coffee On The Go Essay

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Starbucks offers whole bean coffees and sells them, along with fresh, rich-brewed coffees, Italian-style espresso beverages, cold blended beverages, a variety of pastries and confections, coffee-related accessories and equipment, a selection of premium teas, and a line of compact disks. However, this is offered primarily through its Company-operated retail stores. With Starbucks Coffee On the Go, we can offer our customers the next step. Allowing the customer a service to purchase most of these items from the comfort of their car. They will be able to order whole bean coffees, fresh coffee, all the beverages provided in the store along with pastries and snacks without ever getting out of the car. b. Distribution Strategy Starbucks operates over 5,000 coffee shops. These shops are anywhere from office-buildings to airport terminals. Nonetheless, there is still room for expansion. Starbucks On the Go should remain in the United States in its primary stages. In order to offer our customers this service, there are modifications that need to be done to our current stores as well as adding some new Starbucks On the Go drive thru stands in convenient locations. Current stores that can accommodate a drive thru window will make the necessary modifications. In the primary steps of this expansion, only a few selected stores will do so. Selected locations will also have the Starbucks On the Go stand. There will be dual drive thru windows to accommodate the amount of customers we can anticipate. c. Promotional Strategy For the Starbucks On the Go promotion, special fliers with coupons should be distributed in stores as well as mailed to houses in the area. For the first few weeks, a complementary cookie or small pastry of some sort should be given to each customer when they present the coupon. Given time, it is likely that Starbucks On the Go will promote itself through the Starbucks name as well as the word of mouth through customers. d. Pricing Strategy Prices for the items sold through Starbucks On the Go will be consistent with those at the stores. If there are fluctuations in the prices, sales, or promotions at the Starbucks retail stores, it will be reflected at Starbucks On the Go. Our purpose is to provide the same pricing in addition to the quality and service as the retail stores with the added convenience of a drive thru. IV. Competitor Analysis The top three competitors of Starbucks are AFC Enterprises, Diedrich Coffee, and New World. A smaller, but more direct, competitor is Caffino Drive Thru Expresso Bars. AFC Enterprises owns or franchises more than 3,100 restaurants worldwide as well as the Cinnabon chain about 550 retail bakeries. AFC also owns Seattle Coffee, whose Seattle's Best Coffee (SBC) and Torrefazione Italia subsidiaries operate a coffee roasting and wholesale business and some 180 SBC coffee houses and 20 Torrefazione cafes in 18 states and eight foreign countries. Diedrich Coffee has coffee lovers shaking with satisfaction at 370...

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