Starbucks Sells Fairtrade International Coffee Essay

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Starbucks Sells Fairtrade International Certified Coffee
Starbucks Coffee is a chain that sells Fairtrade Certified coffee. Starbucks began purchasing in 2000 and now became one of the world’s prime purchasers of Fairtrade Certified coffee (“Coffee.”). Fairtrade International Charter’s has five core principles that companies are to achieve for certification and the next paragraphs will showcase how Starbucks achieves them.
Principle 1: Market access for marginal producers
Starbucks achieved the first principle by purchasing “coffee from small farmers in 29 different countries … [and buying] coffee at a higher than market price and guarantees future purchases” (Alter). With this, Starbucks has greatly impacted these small-scale farmer’s lives by insuring they have good long-term stability and financial security, farmers who aren’t otherwise noticed in the conventional market options. And “globally, Starbucks contributed over $3.5 million in Fairtrade premiums for coffee-growing communities” (Alter).
Principle 2: Sustainable and equitable trading relationships
Starbucks fulfills the second principle by implementing a farmer’s support goal to “invest in farmers and their communities by increasing farmer loans to $20 million by 2015” (“Goals & Progress: Farmer Support.”). This goal allows Starbucks to help these small-scale farmers obtain access to credit and help strengthen their businesses by ensuring a long-term trading relationship. Farmer support centers have been implemented to help famers improve the size, quality and growing practices for their coffee harvest. And to ensure they ultimately continue to earn better prices and become stable long-term coffee producers (Alter).
Principle 3: Capacity building & empowerment
Starbucks “invest in programs designed to strengthen economic and social development in local communities” to satisfy the third principle (“Farming Communities.”). They focused on stimulating a diverse...

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