Starbucks’ Three Year Strategic Plan Essay

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Section 1: Executive Summary
Starbucks is the world’s largest coffee roaster and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. We have enjoyed great dividend returns over the past 5 years, and our growth has been on the rise. We are currently saturating the US market, while the emerging markets of developing countries offer many possibilities for growth and increased revenues. In our US market we should look at offering more items on the menu that complement our long-standing tradition of pleasing our customers. Exotic Juices, and snacks served with the same service could add a nice margin to the bottom line. In addition, the ability to offer a drive through service for the consumer that loves fine coffee but does not have the time to stop and visit should be on our “trial” market plan for the next few years.
Our large purchasing power allows us the opportunity to consolidate our purchases and create futures contracts for a better price. This can help sustain our margins in a weaker economy, or hedge against a great increase in coffee purchases driving the demand and price of beans up.
Our largest opportunity for growth lies in the emerging economies of China, India, and Thailand. A modest growth in stores in the US, and Europe (2%), while increasing efforts to expand by 10% a year in China, Thailand, and India while offering new menu items in the stores we currently have in place is projected to increase our revenues from $14.9 billion per year to $26.46 billion per year over the next 4 years. This plan will increase our indirect labor force, by adding select marketing teams, commodity managers, and a VP of construction.

Section 2: Company Description
Starbucks Corporation was an American company founded in 1971 in Seattle, WA. In the beginning, it was Starbucks Coffee, Tea, and Spice. In 1985 it became Starbuck’s corporation (Shah, Hawk, & A, 2011). Starbucks is the premier roaster, marketer and retailer of specialty coffee in the world. It is the No. 1 branded coffee house chain in the world, with 19,797 company operated and non-company operated stores in 62 countries (Starbucks Corporation, 2013). The CEO Howard Shultz leads them, and Starbuck’s employs 182,000 persons. Starbuck competes globally with other coffee shops, and fast food chains that offer coffee on the menu (Shah, Hawk, & A, 2011).
Section 3: Company Mission and Vision Statement
“Starbuck’s mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit – one person, one cup and one neighborhood at a time” (as cited in Our Company, 2014). Starbucks vision is to “Establish Starbucks as a premier purveyor of the finest coffee in the world while maintaining our uncompromising principles while we grow” (Shah, Hawk, & A, 2011) In order to perform our mission and see our vision we must conduct business by the following values:
Our coffee has always been, and will always be, about quality. Our employees are called partners, because it is not just a job, it is our passion. We...

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