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Stargirl By Jerry Spinelli Essay

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The book that I read this quarter was Stargirl written by Jerry Spinelli.
Stargirl Caraway has been homeschooled her entire life until her 10th grade year. She became a student at Mica High School. It is usually not a big thing to get a new girl at school, but Stargirl was different. She did not dress or acts like the other students. Leo the producer of their high school, “Hot Seat”, television show. Had a particular interest in Stargirl. He thought she was amazing, he didn’t know this at first, but he soon found out.
Stargirl did strange things. She would sing happy birthday at lunch to students. She also would bring her homeroom class different treats for holidays. The whole school was convinced by Hillarie Kimble that she was not real. Stargirl’s actions seemed to confirm this with every act she did. One of the strange things she did is during one of the football games at half time. Stargirl danced on the field with the marching band, and then when the game was to start again she stole the football and danced with it.
Stargirl was very smart and very strange indeed. Hillary told Star Girl not to sing her the birthday song, and Stargirl did not sing to her. She sang to Leo but put Hillary’s name in the song. Hillary was angry that Stargirl was defying the ways she ran Mica High.
Stargirl then became a cheerleader. Stargirl being who she was wanted to cheer for the other team also. The other cheerleaders did not like that and made fun of her. When the game was over they made a trick to leave her behind when they left the game. It was a very cruel trick but they didn’t care.
The next thing that they did was put Stargirl on the Hot Seat. This was a mistake. It ended very badly; the jury was very rude and ruined the entire show. They never got to air this session.
Leo started to like Stargirl and Stargirl liked Leo. They began to do things together. They would go out into the...

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