Stars: Mysterious And Bright Essay

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Space is littered with stars. White specks in the sky, radiant and proud, illuminate the night sky. Space in general is a mystery, full of black holes, planets, asteroids, galaxies, and more. Although the one thing about space has always sparked my interest: stars. I've always wondered what different types of stars exist, as well as the ones who have managed to outshine the rest.

Stars come in various forms. For one, there are blue giants. Blue giants are blue tinted stars that are more luminous compared to the Sun, allowing them to shine more brightly. Next up are red giants, which are redder than other stars and are brighter than the Sun, but have cooler surface areas. Red dwarfs are faint stars with little energy. Red dwarfs are the most common stars in the Universe and can burn up for up to 10 trillion years. White dwarfs are little white stars and, just like red dwarfs, quite faint. White dwarfs release a modest amount of energy through a small surface area and take billions of years to cool down. Yellow dwarfs are small, main sequence stars. The Sun, our powerful native star, is a yellow dwarf. Neutron stars are stars that, if slightly larger than our Sun, will explode into a catastrophic mess known as a supernova. If the closest star to our Sun were to explode in a supernova, our solar system would be nonexistent. Thankfully, none of the stars closest to us are Neutron stars. Surprisingly, Black Holes are considered stars, as they were once a star larger than a Neutron star and therefore collapsed on themselves. Black Holes are so strong that the gravity around them slows the speed of light!

Many stars in our wonderful galaxy, the Milky Way, are clumped into two type of groups: Globular or Open clusters. Globular clusters are groups of closely packed stars, the majority of them being quite old. Open clusters are less dense compared to Globular clusters, and are loosely grouped. Some captivating clusters include the Jewel Box Cluster and Globular Cluster M15. The Jewel Box Cluster is an open cluster with hot blue stars surrounding one red one in the...

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