Start A Tshirt Or Die Trying

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If you just want to make money and could care less about T-Shirts, this is NOT the business for you. I strongly suggest you scour the internet for another business opportunity. This book is a detailed guide to starting a T-Shirt business,escaping the 9-5 and living your dreams. I make no promises or guarantees. However if you follow the instructions outlined, Do some work, The sky is the limit. Do you have to quit your job? No way! You can work your job as long as you like. What you will have to do is put in the work. You have the option to quit your job any time you wish. The goal is to live a life of freedom. To live a life on your own terms.

When you start a new job one of the first things you're required to do is sign a handbook or rule of conduct document. These documents usually outline the company's code of conduct, rules regulations and guidelines. This is usually given to you to fill out by "Human Resources". This document that you are asked to sign is their “terms". Not your terms but theirs. You sign AWAY your terms the moment you sign that document. I'm simply telling you to get your terms back. Live the life that you want, the life you deserve. LIVE YOUR DREAMS! When you're working a job you are fulfilling someone else's dream not yours. Life is just too damn short and wonderful for that. I salute you for taking this step. Most people will punch that clock forever. Not because they WANT to but because they feel they HAVE to. My goal is to break you out of that mind set. If you're working a job do so because you choose to. Do a job that's fulfilling. Do a job that's rewarding. Do a job that you would do for free! What I want for myself, I want for all of you.
Thank You and let's do this!

A job ain't nothing but work!!!"
―Marlon Wayons

“If it ain't broke, break it. Then build something
― Jonathon Culver

If you are reading this book chances are you're one of the "SPECIAL" people and by that I mean this. You understand that life is about thriving NOT surviving. You understand that the system we live in is designed for us to fail. You understand you will NEVER get rich working a JOB. You also understand this world is made up of two kinds of people the "HAVES AND THE HAVE NOTS". I assume if you’re reading this book you want to be a ”HAVE"not a ”HAVE NOT”.
I hate to start this book sounding like the worlds biggest "scenic" but what some call a scenic others call a devout REALIST.

How to read this book
Understand that this book is part autobiography. Part anti establishment manifesto, Part metaphysics101 and part t-shirt business manual and resource guide. If any of the fore mentioned parts bother you. You can skip down to the T-shirt business chapters- but you will be doing yourself a major disservice.
...and so it begins.


I've been lucky enough to have seen over four decades on this planet and with Gods grace and charity I'll get to see four...

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