Open Gcse Creative Writing Coursework 2005

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The ice splintered beneath his fingers, as he tried to hold himself above the freezing river water. I watched as his face turned blue and his eyes started to slowly roll to the back of his head. Slowly but surely the fingers began to slip off of the ice as the strong river currents pulled him to his death." Job done," I coldly said. I didn't know the guys name and I didn't want to know, it was just another night's work.It was a chilly dark October evening and the air seemed to have a bit of an edge on it. I quickly slid into a dark alley at the rivers side as a couple walked over the bridge above me, laughing and clearly drunk after a good night out. As I leaned against the brick wall smothered in fresh graffiti, I lit up a fag and noticed my hands ever so slightly shaking. Get it together man, I told myself. I took five heavy drags of the fag before making sure I chucked it in the river. I pulled my hood up over my cold head and walked under the bridge and up the steps on the other side leading onto the high street. I stared across the street, looking for my pick up car with Ally in it. I scanned the dark street and noticed the black Mercedes with him sitting in it. I waited for a car outside the off license to drive round the corner; then hurried across the street. I quickly made a glance to make sure it was Ally in the car before climbing in and quickly locking my door. " Where you been Johnny? Rio wanted a quick job not an all nighter."" I'm here now aren't I?""NOW you are."" Look, if you don't like the way I do things, then perhaps you should risk getting caught next time instead of letting me freeze myself to death!""Whatever man."Ally started up the engine and turned the car around into the night. " Did Rio say when we were getting paid for this job?" Alley questioned. I just shrugged my shoulders in reply; I didn't feel like talking.We pulled up at our fancy four bedroom flat about an hour later. It was about 2am and the sky was totally black. I quickly grabbed my tools from the back of the car and Ally parked the car in the garage while I let myself into the flat. As the door smoothly opened, the handle knocked against the wall making me jump, steady I told myself. The hall was dark, and as I slid my hand across the new expensive wallpaper until I found the light switch, I could feel the little hairs from my neck to my toes standing on end. The lights clicked on and carefully I walked down the hallway, checking each room. Once in my room I threw my tools on the floor by my luxurious bed as I collapsed onto the comfortable mattress. Lifelessly I lay starring at the ceiling, breathing in the...

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