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Start Over We Might Get It Right This Time

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“My father drank” an enhanced autobiographical account that Scott Russell Sanders shares, during early years of his life, which were very harsh and painful. In the first paragraph audience is being informed for the purpose of the usage of the past tense. That is, due to alcoholism Sanders father passed away at the age of 64. But towards the very end, the writer writes in the present tense, comparing his current relationship with his son and how it was for him back in the days. The only reason this essay struck out to me and I could very much relate to it was because; I went through similar issues in my childhood.
Not alcoholism, but anger. My father’s temper consumed my mother, me ...view middle of the document...

There is no sentence better I can use than that of Sanders, to describe my situation at the age of 12. Witnessing scenes similar to those that I mentioned above, I always blamed me for my father’s short tempers. I always told myself that only if I scored better in my classes and did all of the house chores right, he would be happy and not yell at my mom again. And my mom worked all day- cooked, cleaned and looked after us very dutifully. She was paid for her hard work by either dead silence or being yelled over something so pointless that, it was never worth discussing.
When angry, father's condition wasn't any better than what Sander defines 'neither funny, nor honest; he was pathetic, frightening, deceitful' (par. 9). He would never admit that he was wrong, and blamed my mom instead. If she was quiet, that was the fault but, if she spoke than that obviously was a major fault. Mother was so used to it find that, she cried herself to sleep every night and started her regular routine work the next morning. I helped her as best as I could, to maintain peace at home. But I guess the peace never liked us.
Just like Sanders family, my family also had a secret (par. 10). Dads’ anger was confined within the walls of our home. And no word was leaked outside. I always heard girls talking about their fathers. They always had some great stories and experiences to share. It always wondered what was wrong with the picture my end. I met my friend’s fathers and they all were very kind and amazing personalities. Not that my father was rude, but hiss unpredictable mood always kept me fearful. And,...

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