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Storytelling is an art that is found in literature of all different types. There are only a few renowned books that have exceptional storytelling, which is what keeps them being studied generation after generation. The Odyssey by Homer and Don Quixote by Miguel De Cervantes are two of the few books that have this outstanding art integrated. To assist telling the story of both novels, Homer and Cervantes make the main characters of their work set off on a journey. Throughout their journeys, the reader learns a lot about the characters essence due to their encounters. The journeys that the characters experience demonstrate the art of storytelling of the respective authors. Assistants, women and goals are a few issues the characters have to combat along their voyage.
Authors purposely send their characters on a journey in order to assign them a assistant. From the beginning of The Odyssey until the end, Homer makes it seem that the goddess Athena is an exclusive and special assistant for Odysseus. Homer displays Athena’s assistance towards Odysseus, whether it is by disguising him or consulting other gods on his behalf, all of her actions are for his ultimate benefit. For example, in book six, Athena disguises Odysseus by making him appear more handsome in order that Nausicaa should be attracted to him. As a result, Odysseus receives an invitation to palace, which ultimately helps him make his way back home. By Homer introducing the authority of Athena, it makes it appear that Odysseus is already at an advantage over anyone that stands in his way. Athena gives Odysseus the extra ability to succeed in challenging situations, which helps Odysseus be the hero that he is. Without Homer incorporating the goddess Athena, it is tough to say that Odysseus would have been successful as he was throughout his voyage. Homer causes Odysseus to encounter many obstacles on his journey home in order to assign him an assistant that will help him exemplify his abilities. The art of making Odysseus experience a journey homeward along with Athena, allowed for Homer to make him victorious in his encounters. Odysseus’s voyage home, with the assistance of Athena, is what made him the powerful warrior and hero that he is known to be.
Similarly, Cervantes appointed Don Quixote an assistant on his journeys in order to demonstrate the essence and qualities of his character. Cervantes assigned Sancho Panza as Don Quixote’s Squire, or knightly assistant, from the beginning of the first book until the end of the second book. Sancho Panza’s main goal was to be the reality and sanity to Don Quixote’s fantasy world. For instance, in chapter eight, when Sancho tells Don Quixote that the “giants” he wants to go to battle with are really windmills, Don Quixote totally disregards Sancho’s advice and goes ahead with his fantasy. The fact that Don Quixote goes along with his imagination and ends up fighting with the windmills makes him seem ridiculous. Cervantes gave Don Quixote a...

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