Starting A Recording Artist Project Management Company

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Company Description
This organization is a full-service recording artist project management company based in Nashville, Tennessee, which specializes in producing all popular mainstream genres of music that need marketing, venue and audio support. Our business model will specialize in a much-needed grass-roots launching pad for underground hip-hop artist services in the music industry. We will book these grass roots clients to play extensively during the summer of 2010 based on their target demographic profile. All band clients will be part of the "On the Road" tour in various global regions. The Artists and repertoire (A&R) department will be a division of the company that provides a network of outside vendors to develop and produce any extra services for alternate revenue streams.
Company Mission
Omni Recording and Marketing Service (ORMS) mission is to enable any major, independent or demo ready artists to pre-develop their product, style, image or sound for mainstream distribution. We offer online music distribution, professional production and artist development to client artists. Our services will maximize our artists’ ability to get lucrative contracts with major record labels by demonstrating their demand in the market. Our ability to prove to the entertainment industry a practical market demand minimizes the risks to record labels and provides a win-win situation for all parties. While maintaining an environment where creativity and technology converge, to produce high quality audio production services at a price everyone can afford. While still focusing our resources on producing the highest quality audio possible and keeping artist client’s overheads low.
Products and Services
Our business model focuses on a much-needed grass-roots launching pad for all aspects of the music industry support needs. We will concentrate our advertising efforts in Tennessee, Atlanta, Florida and the surrounding tri-state areas.
Featuring a project management component Omni is one of the few Tennessee area studios, with a one stop shop and pre-production facility for demo or promotional ready releases. To develop a global customer base we will use the internet as a main source of potential expansion opportunities. (ORMS) will market these music product and services to clients with small, medium, and large budgets. The client resources will include various entertainment companies, organizations, record labels, and talent agencies, private clients of artist, labels and entrepreneurs. We will display our client’s catalogs at weekly sponsored showcase events by the marketing team and aid in the promotion of their products in each specialized genre of music. As part of the concert series, we will sponsor free product of compact disc samplers distributed of the recording artists on the label, thus gaining exposure, generating revenue and creating value. In doing so, (ORMS) will generate revenue from billing our artist for these entertainment industry...

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