Opening A Business In My Neighbouring Area

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Opening a Business in my Neighbouring Area

Background to the Business

When we were first set this project to complete I thought and
researched into the many business I could have selected to open in my
neighbouring area. There were many options I could have chosen for my
project, after long consideration I managed to narrow down my final
ideas into four businesses in which I could have chosen and were most
suitable for my project. My ideas which I thought of were a restaurant
which would sell alcoholic beverages, non alcoholic beverages and
meals, a clothing store for young adults, a beauty store which would
sell cosmetics and other products similar, and finally a stationary
store which would sell school equipment, and many other stationary
goods. I thought about each option carefully and went through the
advantages and disadvantages to each proposal I had to decide from.

To begin with I went through the advantages and disadvantages
of opening a restaurant in my neighbouring area, if I were to open a
restaurant there would be a great deal of competition in the location
of Brighouse as there are several restaurants in Brighouse, one of my
competitors if I were to open up a restaurant in Brighouse would be La
Romantica, this restaurant is a successful Italian restaurant which
has been open for a few years, within this period of time it has built
up a good reputation to the people in and around Brighouse. Another
competitor is the Brooks restaurant; this is an upper class restaurant
which also has a good status like La Romantica. Other restaurants
which would not be classed as high competitors unlike the above are
The Golden Hind Fish Restaurant, The Auctioneer, Swankies, Bengal
Brassiere and Water Front Lodge. The advantages of having a restaurant
situated in Brighouse would be that there is a good market demand for
restaurants in Brighouse and that would produce the business profit.
So I came to the conclusion to decide against the idea of opening a
restaurant in Brighouse because of the competition, the competition is
too immense for a small restaurant to contend with. Also there are
more disadvantages than advantages.

Secondly I could have opened a beauty store in the centre of
Brighouse much like the nation-wide store Boots. If I were to open a
beauty store in the centre of Brighouse there could be many advantages
and disadvantages I would have to consider. The advantages are that I
think it would be of use in Brighouse, many people come into Brighouse
just to purchase a few items and they would rather not travel further
out of their district, for example Halifax or Leeds. The disadvantage
is that there already three beauty stores situated in Brighouse, two
of which have built up a good reputation and are known throughout the
country, these are Boots which must be the head of the beauty and
healthcare market in the country, selling a wide assortment of goods
from Bath soaps to cosmetics. The...

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