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Since starting at Community College, my first and foremost priority has been my academics. I started as a fulltime student in the fall of 2009 nevertheless, I will have enough credits to transfer with an associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences for the spring semester of 2010. This is partially because I took college classes in high school and partially because I am not the type of person to take a light course load. I strive for academic excellence and I accept nothing less. I hope to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh because I want to complete a bachelor’s degree in biology and unfortunately, the Community College is only a two-year institution. The University of Pittsburgh is an idyllic school for me because the prestige of the school is something to admire and the commute is minimal. I believe that at the University of Pittsburgh I can truly flourish as a student academically as well as socially.
While in high school, I took every available honors course and advanced placement class offered while maintaining a grade point average that often exceeded 4.0. Although my previous high school did not really participate in ranking their students, I was in the top five percent of my class. It was because of my high grades that I gained accepted into the Latin American Studies program, which allowed students to visit Costa Rica from a two-week period. My academic excellence is also the reason that I received a partial scholarship to partake in a two-week long summer program run by Indiana University of Pennsylvania in my junior year. I attained...

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