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When Orville and Wilbur Wright first started working out the issues of flight and aviation in the late 1800’s, little did modern man know that one day their concepts of flight stability would not only allow for the public and private sector to use facilities to travel worldwide but also those same concepts would send man into space to explore the unknown. What started as a dream to fly like the birds has brought modern day man into an economic dependency upon flight and the functions that it supplies to the world. In today’s society the mainstream of air transportation revolves around the public, private and governmental sectors. Nothing is simple in today’s standards, airport operations involve more than just a strip of grass to take off from and land on when the flight has been completed. The concept of aviation was born into existence, and because it was, the need to expand and grow dictated a necessity for regulations, control and managed operations. The need for infrastructure was obvious and so was the necessity for funds to develop the substantial growth required. The future of air transportation was in its beginning stages and many programs were developed to provide the passageway into a bright future for services that would establish the foundation of the aeronautics industry. One such act that led the way to the development of the Federal Aviation Administration was the Air Commerce Act of 1926. The Air Commerce Act was to promote development, economic growth and to provide the U.S. Army Air Service with safe landing facilities. In 1903, when the first successful flight had made its mark in the history books, the focus was on a successful take off and landing. Today, our economy is dependent upon the constant movement of people and cargo across the oceans and landmasses of the world. The Air Commerce Act of 1926 was a key starting point in helping to establish the Federal Aviation Administration. The Air Commerce Act was designed with the intent to “promote the

development and stability of commercial aviation in order to attract adequate capital into the business and to provide the fledgling industry with the assistance and legal basis necessary for its growth” (Wells and Young, 2004, p. 57-58). The same concept applies to today’s business world, for a new business to attract potential investors the business must be stable and have a good foundation before investors will put their hard earned money into the corporation. When President Calvin Coolidge signed the Air Commerce Act into law many individuals criticized the President, but the acts intent was to help the American aviation industry. Just as the Air Commerce Act was intended it “aided a struggling field of enterprise by regularizing its practices and procedures-an example of government helping not restricting people” (Downs, 2001, par. 25). Other operations, such as safety standards, were needed...

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