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Starting Sports At A Young Age

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It has been questioning by many people including experts that if starting sports at an early age is really beneficial to the individual. Most scientists agree that when it comes to starting sports, the earlier the better. First of all, the children would be fitter. In today’s world one of the most important health issues is obesity. To extend, almost 1 out of 5 children in the United States of America are dealing with obesity; triple of the rates from previous generation (, 2013). It is not only a health problem because it causes people to get depressed since their appearance is not considered good. Playing sports helps keeping the weight ...view middle of the document...

It will be found out how effective to start sports at young age, through the research question: Why should people start sports at a young age?
Although there is a common belief that that starting sports at a young age has some negative effects on children’s physical, psychological and social development, there are so many positive things for children if they start sports at an early stage of his/her life. To start with, health and well being, an important benefit of doing sports because sports are related with mostly physical activities (“The Benefits of Physical Activity,” 2011). World Health Organization claims that not being active physically is the main cause of the major chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes, ischemic heart disease, breast cancer, colon cancer and coronary heart disease (as cited by “The Benefits of Physical Activity,” 2011). For example, 27 per cent of type-2 diabetes is caused because of being physically inactive (“The Benefits of Physical Activity,” 2011). 30 per cent of the ischemic heart diseases also caused by physically inactive lifestyle.
To continue, playing sports are quite important for mental health as well (Colbert, 2013). No matter what sport person choses to do according to his/her personal choices, it helps to develop healthy minds (Colbert, 2013). By means of healthy minds, what Colbert (2013) claims is to show up happiness and relaxation. When we do physical activities, our brains release brain chemicals, which make us feel happier and more relaxed (Colbert, 2013). However, it is not the only benefit of doing sports in terms of health and well being.
Having sufficient and proper nutrients is important for the health of young children (Magdalena & Paul, 2011). To find out how much of the nutrients is sufficient and proper, one needs to have a diet program (Magdalena & Paul, 2011). Also, it seems that the people who are interested in sports are more likely to prepare their own diet programs. However, there is a bad side effect of being dedicated to doing sports and staying away from some foods which are known to have fat inside them such as red meat and other iron containing foods; not including enough iron in their diets has negative effects on the development during the growing years because iron is an important nutrient in terms of providing oxygen to muscles (Magdalena & Paul, 2011).
Also, doing sports at an early age also helps individuals to develop social skills and strong psychology. For example, having a team attitude teaches a child how to collaborate with others in their future lives (Morris, 2011). In addition, children learn to be responsible by doing team sports (Morris, 2011). It will also be helpful for them to be more time efficient because most of the sports have time limitations (Morris, 2011).
Contrary to the fact people see the stress caused by competitive sports is a downside of doing sports, it seems that it helps children to maintain calmness under pressure...

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