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State And Non State Actors That Pose The Greatest Cyber Threat To The United States

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External global threats are on the rise. Cyber-attacks against the U.S. government are notably targeted for intrusions focusing on exfiltration information some of which are attributed to the Chinese government military (Kirk, 2013). Stolen information by China may be valuable for defense and technology, U.S. policy makers in China, and military planners. (Kirk, 2013). It’s noted that Cyber warfare abilities may intercept military response operations by limiting the communication and commercial activities of an adversary. (Kirk, 2013). The DoD reports that Russia and China are playing a disruptive role within international mediums at building transparency in cyberspace, essentially because each has the technology to do so. Furthermore, both nations are pushing an Information Code of Conduct giving both governments authority over content and information over the internet, an effort that is scrutinized. (Kirk, 2013).
The private sector owns approximately 85-90% of our cyber infrastructure, there’s need for a cohesive private-government partnership to enforce security. Individuals (whether internal to the organization or agency), political groups, religious groups, and organized crime groups pose threat to the United States and considered as a cyber-threat. To assess overall threat level, one must assess intent and technological capabilities unequivocally insider threats foster great risk. Surveillance of data handling brings about questions how employees may steal data, i.e. someone can put it on a USB stick, or does e-mail contain PII information and leave the company externally? (Geer, 2013). Although pedagogical strategies are prevalent for defending against cyber-attacks, the employee is also a contributive defender against these attacks. Internal threats are physical; yet outside risks may pose equivalent vulnerabilities.
Surveillance: Most attacks target data acquisition therefore the work of data surveillance is data acquisitions. (Geer, 2013). The irony over the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) classifying the internet as an information service and not a communication is that the standards are outdated, but scrutiny over Internet as a telecommunication service or an information service continues stipulating attacks on protection of privacy versus security putting the internet at risk and orchestrating stewardship between public and government sectors.
Security and Privacy: The Obama Administration ordered interoperable technology standards ─ Identity Ecosystem. (Geer, 2013). This allows seamless authoritative authentication among various components therefore holding long-term personal surveillance data using digital identity. Privacy, security, and surveillance together are at risk of becoming casualties of cyber-attacks yet government surveillance of telephone and e-mail exchanges is putting more focus on...

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