State Mission Of The National Guard

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Along with deployments over seas the National Guard has state mission. These state missions comprise of multiple parts. Part one of the mission is to respond to the natural disasters of their state and country. Most everyone has heard of the National Guard going out and battling fires, helping general public deal with all aspects of the floods, tornadoes and civil unrest. In these situations the governor of the state, territories or district, places his province in a state of emergency. This allows him to control the National Guard until the crisis is exerted and in which case the National Guard is returned to its normal state as the protector of freedom and safety of their state and country. The second part of this mission is to maintain individual Battle Drills to deploy its gear, for instance if you are in an apache unit your mission is to maintain a certain level of proficiency in your helicopter and to maintain the standard maintenance level of your vehicle. Also part of this mission is to maintain your individual soldier’s ability to perform his/her warrior tasks. Keeping each state National Guard Units ready on a moment’s notice requires success of both individual missions. Success results in the safety and well being of each of the states citizens. [Cite]
For instance the North Dakota National Guard has been fighting the spring floods and is once again fighting floods this year. This year the North Dakota National Guard was prepared so they had placed most of the cities in a pre-flood state of emergency by mid-February, all of this was to prevent the damages which happened in 2009. The enormous deployments of some 750 soldiers, at its highest point, have been called up to help out and work side by side with the citizens of North Dakota. Governor John Hoeven called these soldiers in to active duty on May 15, 2010. The soldiers in the National Guard were posted in cities such as Fargo, Kindred, Harwood, Wahpeton, Lamoure, Lisbon and Jamestown to complete many vital operations. These operations included patrolling dikes, manning traffic control points, distributing and placing sandbags, performing emergency sandbagging operations, facilitating dike construction and working as QRF’s, Quick Response Forces. These QRF’s were only called up a few times to assist with problems. One such time included helping a man whose home is located outside of the city of Kindred. The QRF assisted in a levee break near his home. Their successful mission resulted in not only saving his life but also saving his livestock. The QRF can be deployed state wide and at various times during the same disaster. Earlier in this same flood season they were called up to an emergency scene near the city of Harwood saving a lady who needed immediate assistance. . As the flood season winds its way down the National Guard will continue to watch the rivers in there state for ice jams and for more flooding. Major General Sprynczynatyk said, “The bottom line is...

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