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State Of Mind Essay

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People think that dealing with poverty, in terms of money, is someone else’s problems and that it only occurs to others, but on an average person’s mind, one never sees themselves as the one with problems with poverty but mainly tame to focus on satisfactions such as love, power, and especially money but not many minds know how to control those desires. Money in today’s world is used for whatsoever, which directs us to have money governor over us instead of being able to control it. Just like it is not easy to make a vast change in life it can be done with simple steps if determined to do so. Many researchers come around the studies that tie in high statistics that are still present to the ...view middle of the document...

When a choice is made it is the reason because one puts their mind to it. Many people around the world grow with ideas that are known to be myths of the way poverty is and works. Some come up with the myths that many of those who are considered poor are because of the bad jobs that they have but that is not always true. It is the way one manages their money in order advantage later on in life. Others say that it is the amount of education that gets people with the good amount of money and jobs; it is not always the money nor the jobs that get one started but the intelligence. For those who work may work hard yet not many get far when it comes to financial problems. From the youngest ages we are all told that one should always stay and study as much as we can in order to get the career of our dreams and even succeed in life and after doing everything they tell students that they will have to deal with money, but at the end we do not see how money works for us which causes us to run after it every time. Just like Kiyosaki explains to many readers in his book, it is not the education nor job that gets us to think of ourselves as being wealthy but the financial knowledge that we learn a bad financial family situation but the way they continue to think of themselves in the same status is. Just like it is mentioned in a book. As for people trying to get financially wealthy they face through two emotions which makes them think that they cannot be like those who are rich because of fear and desire.
“Most people grow up in a family where they didn’t have much money- and that became their reality” (Kiyosaki 21). Not all the time is it the person’s fault to grow in a difficult life but just like it is mentioned in a book called Reconsidering Culture and Poverty by the authors Mario Small, Harding and Lamont that wrote the book for the purpose of helping readers understand a different method of seeing poverty itself; It does not always mean to be broke in financial situations but the way people consider seeing themselves with in that situation. “In what follows, we outline seven different but sometimes overlapping perspectives, based on seven different concepts-values, frames, repertoires, narratives symbolic boundaries, cultural capital, and institutions-illustrating how a greater sensitivity to cultural conditions can enrich our understanding of poverty” (Small, Harding, Lamont 13-14) . Just like many children learn of the things around parent they also see and learn of their economic positions and grow up to continue in the same financial situation. Based on a statistics report it has been recorded that 11.8 percent and 9.5 million people still live in the poverty situation in the year of 2012. (Congressional Digest 12). Children see that they have troubles with school and parents not being able to afford things that affect them into thinking that they will not be able to get out of that situation later on in life.
On the everyday life there are times...

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