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State Of Saudi Arabia Essay

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Located in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia’s culture is heavily influenced by Islam. The people’s faith guides them and their views; this, in turn, has caused many problems for the people that their religion does not favor. Such as those that aren’t in the religion, and women. Their culture is extremely oppressive, and if someone does not realize how the Saudi culture works, will find themselves, and their lives, threatened. The police are often swift and brutal; and many outspoken people are quickly silenced. There are many reasons why we should turn our gaze toward the Muslim country. In Saudi Arabia, women have little to no rights, and are often mistreated. Treated like animals, these people hide behind how they are doing nothing wrong. They are merely stating that: “The women like it,” or “it’s part of our culture, who are you to judge?” When in actuality, these are merely excuses used to cover up the ugly truth of what is occurring, the oppression of women. Another reason why people need to be more aware of what is occurring in the country, is the government’s love of holding public executions. Not only is this inhumane, but the reasons for the executions themselves are puzzling. Some people are killed merely for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or not knowing an idea in particular of the countries’ culture. Also, the means that they use to execute the people aren’t painless by any means. Not even caring to use modern methods of execution. Finally, Saudi Arabia’s people aren’t given some basic rights that we, as Americans, take for granted. The right to public speech is a common basic right that is often infringed by the Saudi government. Clearly, it is plain to see that Saudi Arabia is abhorrently spitting on what the United Nations has laid out as basic human rights. Treating some of their own people like animals, they continue to make promises to stop, and give their people their rights. Yet very little has changed to help make a difference in the country. However, soon, all will know about the transgressions that have been made by the Saudi government. Soon, all will know about what a select few people are trying to do change the fate of the country, and make the people free.
Due to Saudi Arabia’s religion, many use it as an excuse in how they treat their women. These women are denied basic rights that we take for granted so often. For example, many people women love driving in America. It allows them to be independent, and do what they want. However, in Saudi Arabia, women are denied even this. At the beginning of the year, King Abdullah said that 30 women had joined the Shura Council, yet they still were unable to drive (Our Saudi Society…). There is hope, however. According to Aziza Al- Yousef, on October 26, 2013, a major push occurred to help get the idea out of women actually driving. “We started the campaign in September. The idea was to give the women involved enough time to have a go at...

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