State Of Texas: Gun Free Fortified Zone

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Throughout the year working class parents across America take their beloved children to school each morning. The drive usually ends with a few wise parenting words of encouragement and a shared loving glance before parting ways. For most this routine will repeat itself year after year without any incidents. As parents work throughout the day they will likely never receive a call about their children's welfare. They leave each day without questioning the safety of their children during the hours they are in school. The torch of responsibilities is passed from each child's parent to a select few teachers to safeguard them while under their supervision. For majority of parents the days will pass without a hitch, just as it was designed to be.
The places we routinely visit and become acquainted with become places of comfort.
Comfort comes from familiarity with our surroundings as well as the people we surround ourselves with. This feeling becomes a sense of safety for people allowing people to turn down their natural defenses. Outside of our homes adults would likely agree that their workplace is on the list of places they feel comfortable at. For children the likely venue would be at school in the presence of their peers and teachers. These controlled environments were built with people's emotions in mind. Employers as well as schools know that maximum productivity can only be achieved if people feel safe and comfortable. This philosophy is used by all police departments as well to police the community. Police departments depend on the public to abide by societies moral codes and for people to stay within the lines of proper ethical behavior. These self-governing ideals keep our society civilized, at least for the most part.
It has been close to fifteen years since the tragic day of April 20, 1999. This day made a small town's high school the center of national attention. On that day, two Columbine High School students went on a killing rampage that ended the lives of twelve students and a teacher. Twenty-three others were wounded before the shooters subsequently took their own lives. This was one of the deadliest school mass shootings in United States history. Little did we know that this would be the inception of what we now label "active shooter school shootings." Eight years later, on April 16, 2007 we helplessly witnessed the evil act of another psychopath at Virginia Polytechnic Institute State University. This ended with thirty-two killed and more than seventeen injured. The most recent school mass shooting occurred on December 14, 2012 in Newtown, Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The twenty year-old gunman, Adam Lanza, killed twenty-six people, then took his own life. The deceased victims included twenty elementary school children and six courageous teachers. These tragic incidences in the last two decades have not only shown the world the cruelty of these acts, but also how unprepared we are in dealing with these...

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