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State Of The Union Essay

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The State of the UnionOn February 2, 2005 our president George W. Bush gave the state of the Union address. In Bush's speech he stated that, we must be," good stewards of our economy, immigration, Social Security, free society and terrorism." These were the main highlights that he proposed to do something about.In Bush's speech me state that we as Americans have a healthy growing economy, and a force for good in the world and that the state of our union is strong. Bush started talking about our economy and how he is assured that it will continue to grow and be prosperous. He acknowledges that our economy is, "the fastest growing of any major industrialized nation." He continues to state his accomplishments with, "tax relief, overcoming a recession, opening up new markets abroad, prosecuting corporate criminals and raising homeownership to the highest level in history." He gives a strong foundation in his speech with all of these achievements and continues with major goals to come. He argues that we need to make our economy more flexible, innovative and more competitive. He continues to tell the American public that he going to sign a budget that will cut cost and help lower the national budget so that the economy will be disciplined. "I will send you a budget that holds growth of discretionary spending...." This concludes his budget plan to state that he is going to cut more than 150 government programs. My concern with this I noticed by watching and reading the transcript is that everyone applauses. The people of Washington are happy that he is cutting these programs like, Veterans Health care and programs that help kids in need. I noticed that he did not use any of these programs as an example in his speech. Surely he wouldn't have gotten the response of applauding as he did. From a personal point of view, my dad served in Vietnam and he needs the V.A.'s low prices in medication. He can't afford for his pills to be raised from 25 dollars to the proposed 85. I didn't think that hurting the people that fight for your country is a good way to start off his Bush's term. Also he is cutting governmental programs such as, the Aids fund and funds that help poor children in the U.S. read and cutting job training. I didn't see how people of the lower class strata are going to benefit from his proposals.The next issue that Bush discusses in his speech is the immigration problem. He states that the U.S. immigration policy is outdated. He wants to issue a temporary permit to immigrants that will fulfill the jobs that Americans don't want. Also he wants to have a tight handle around those that cross the boarder, such as; drug dealers and terrorists. Bush didn't quite discuss too...

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