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What to do after graduation? This is a question many high school students ask themselves as they near the end of their senior year. Most students will want to go on to higher education and continue their studies to receive a degree in something they are passionate about. Unfortunately, some of these students don't have enough money or receive enough financial aid to attend the schools they dream of; and most of the ones that do, graduate with a huge debt due caused by student loans. Over recent years, state universities, whether public or private, have been raising their tuition rates and fees. Because of this increase, fewer and fewer students are enrolling in universities to further their education, and the number of students dropping out of college is rising as well (McClure 12). State universities should lower their tuition rates and fees in order to allow more students the opportunity to go on to higher education after high school.

The transition from high school to college is hard enough with all the coursework. But now, students have to worry about constantly rising prices in their schools. A main obstacle students face while in college is being able to pay for their classes and books. That is why many students seek to obtain part time jobs. However, a part-time student’s salary is not enough to cover the expensive books and high tuition. This leads to students obtaining full time jobs, multiple part time jobs, or the most common of them all, student loans. Erin Sandonato is a perfect example. She graduated from a public high school in Georgia and had good enough grades to have scholarships pay for her education. However, when she transferred to a university outside of Georgia she no longer had any aid and had to pay for everything herself. She noticed that her part time job wasn’t cutting it so she decided to take a year and a half off of school to be able to work and save money for her education. When she went back, she picked a community college over a four year university simply because it was much cheaper. After finally obtaining a bachelor’s degree in public relations, she now owes $45,000 in loans towards six years of education (Price). This comes to show that, even though she spent an entire year and a half saving money with two full time jobs, to pay for school, it still wasn’t enough to cover all the expenses that come with an education these days. The average American college graduate owes an estimate of $20,000 in loans right after graduation (ibid). That is a large amount of money for a person to have to pay right after stepping out of college and into the real world. It’s hard enough finding a job with the economy today. In addition to that, graduates have a $20,000 burden on top of them.

Rising tuition rates is good you say? Well, yeah, good for the universities; but only to a point. Sure, universities in Arizona will receive an extra $55 million in aid if they increase tuition (Riley), but is...

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