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State Vs. Church! What Side Are You On? Do You Want Your Teacher To Lead You Into Prayer Every Morning?

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Perhaps no aspect of the curch-state controversy arouses more emotion and discussion that the subject of prayer in school. After all, public schools are supported with all taxpayer's money. What believer would want his taxes to support an institution that prohibits his children from praying? What nonbeliever would want her taxes to support and institution that requires her children to participate in prayer? The world should know about the effects of religion in school.One of these effects is isolating the minortiy. There will always be different religions in this world. So there will always be that one child who does not attend the town's curch or that one child who wears a different kind of hat. Isolating the minority can sometimes start tiotslike in 1843; thirteen people were killed because they requested their children to be excused from mandatory religious practice. History has probed to repeat itself and the one's who are against putting prayer back into schools, fear that history will repeat itself and be the start of teen violence. When people start getting murdered for waht religion they do or do not believe in, this is when we have to take isolation of the minority into consideration."Congress shall make no law respecting an establikshment of religion or prohibiting the free exerces there of." this is the first amendment of the "Bill of Rights", created by our founding fathers. this amendment adds another effect, with the state and church controversy. This also affects if we truly respect and stand by...

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