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State Vs. Nation State Essay

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A nation state is the combination of a nation and a state. A nation is a culturally or ethnically linked area and a state is a politically and geographically linked area. The nation state is where the two overlap. Nation states create and maintain mass transportation which enables trade and travel to help to boost the economy, which provides economic stability and unity. They have a set governing body which controls policies and laws. They also have a common culture, which may or may not be set through policy. The population creates a nation state by being united by a common language or culture. Another thing that is found in nation states is a uniform standard for education. An example of a nation state is The United Kingdom. There are counties within the country. There are four nations within the UK and they are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. They share not only borders but also political and cultural ties (Wikipedia,org, 2012).A nation is a community who can share a common religion, history, culture, language, or descent. Where a nation state has actual physical borders, a nation does not. An example of a nation would be the Kurds. They are currently found in Syria, Iran, Iraq, and Turkey. They share a language, a common history which includes the harsh treatment they received from the Turkish government as well as from Iraq, and a common culture which includes a nomadic lifestyle based on herding sheep and goats (, 2012).A state is a political community, and can be referred to as sovereigns. A sovereign is a state with a defined territory with permanent population and government and can freely enter into relations with other states. It is not subjected to or dependent on any other state. One such state is Poland. Poland is a state within Europe. It shares its borders with other states and can trade and travel easily amongst them but does not have the same laws and political lines as they do (Wikipedia,org, 2012).The United States is also an example of a nation state. The US has fixed territories; we have constant borders all around the country which encompasses all of the states of the union. The US also can be considered a sovereignty because we have a set government in place which includes the three branches of government. Those branches are the legislative, judicial, and executive branches, and within the executive branch there is a president. The whole country follows one set of laws that are created by one governing body. Another way that the US is considered a nation state is through common culture. As a country, the US shares the nation's birth and history. Every citizen is required to know how our wonderful country came to be, and this is taught in public school and through education. Another way that the United States is a nation state is that is has a mass transit in place which includes, planes, trains, buses, and roads that connect throughout the states, A shared culture is part of being a nation...

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