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Statement Of Contention On Whether Or Not Medicinal Marijuana Should Be Legalised In Australia English Year 11 Statement Od Contention

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Statement of intention to accompany my oral speech on whether or not
“Medicinal cannabis should be legalised in Australia”
I chose to begin my oral presentation with an imaginary scenario to set the scene for this issue, and to gain my audience’s attention. I decided to use the second-person ‘you’ for this scenario to emphasise its relevance to my audience. To enhance credibility to my speech I chose to incorporate a true story of a Brisbane family going through so much on account of their daughter suffering from a neurological disorder and epilepsy. Further on I stated the uncontrollable seizures this little girl has and only medicinal marijuana can cure her as they have tried so many medications prescribed by their doctor which had only led to serious side effects. The reason I added an anecdote in my oral speech is to position my audience to react emotionally with sympathy and also to get my audience to take notice and accept the information I have stated as a result of its reliability and credibility. I chose to conclude my introductory by giving it a human angle and making the issue seem more relevant and real through the statement “there was no other options for medications and we decided to try cannabis oil, and for a year she had the best year of her life,” said by the little girl’s father to make my hearers react emotionally and fervently.
I also used a heap of evidence including statistics, research and facts to back up my arguments and support my opinions on the fact that marijuana might actually help save lives in Australia. The purpose of the evidence I have used is to position my audience to hopefully take in my arguments as more convincing because it appears to be objective and reliable. I then stated an interesting fact about the differences between the number of overdoses on marijuana and aspirin. This dramatically added life to my oral speech and got my hearers...

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