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Statement Of Motivation As An Aerospace Engineer

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I aspire to gain academic and research experience in the area of Aerospace Engineering and I believe that the graduate program in Aerospace Engineering at Nanyang Technical University in collaboration with TU Munich offers me a good opportunity to learn and work with some of the most renowned faculty in these areas. I have developed keen interest in mechanical sciences especially in the areas of finite element methods, aerodynamics and CAD during my under graduation in Mechanical Engineering (B.Tech) at Amrita University which evolved further when I joined Infosys as a Design Engineer.
My undergraduate studies at Amrita University helped me gain overview about various areas of study in ...view middle of the document...

My undergraduate thesis, “Efficacy of Metal Foam Sandwich structures in absorbing vertical crash energy”, exposed me towards design and analysis of aircraft structural systems. The main aim of the project was to check if metal foam sandwich structures are suitable candidates for making stanchions. (Stanchions are vertical support columns between floor beams and cargo floor beams in an aircraft). For this, stanchions were designed in Hypermesh and a detailed numerical analysis was carried out using LS-DYNA, subjecting the model to various loads and material conditions. The resulting stress distribution curves were analyzed with conventional material distribution curves to check if it is suitable for stanchion material.
After my graduation, I got an opportunity to work with an aerospace design team at Infosys Limited. I have undergone training in CAD and FEA programs. Since then I have been working for a 90-seater Mitsubishi Regional Jet program as a design engineer. Prior to outsourcing this project to Infosys, Mitsubishi had designed a model for this but it exceeded the weight limits for 90-seater aircraft segment. Our aim was to reduce the weight of the plane without affecting fuel economy and aerodynamics. I was involved in detail designing and assembly drawings of stringers and joints with relational design approach using design tables, defect tracking and defect fixing activities and handling design rework processes. Besides designing, I have created an automation tool in CATIA for stringer sizing that improves the quality and saved significant amount of time. While working in this project I have got an understanding of aircraft production methods and processes along with GD&T guidelines and various quality improvement techniques like Kaizen etc. I also got an opportunity to visit UTAS Aerospace Systems, Bangalore, where I was introduced to some of their products like Actuations, Lighting,...

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