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The healthcare industry is a very complex business, regulated by federal and state agencies. Hospitals must balance financial goals, utilization of resources with the application of best practice and positive outcomes for patients and families. The hospital Case Management is department is comprised of Registered Nurses and Social Workers with very specialized and demanding job responsibilities; managing the care of patients and families from admission through discharge. The Case Management department I work in is a very large department. The Vice President of Case Management is a very effective and efficient communicator: clear, direct and goal oriented. Employees, who experience direct communication with the Vice President, leave with a clear understanding of their job responsibility and goals. There are five managers who report to the Vice President and have management responsibility over one hundred and forty employees. The Case Management department provides 24/7 coverage. 365 days a year. The department is divided into smaller divisions. Each division represents employees with a different and specialized job function. The department has various employment statuses and shifts: fulltime, part-time, weekenders, night, eight hour shifts, twelve hour shifts and prn. The number of employees, different job functions, various employment statuses and reporting manager creates multiple communication challenges. Poor communication impacts employee satisfaction, lowers productivity and employee confidence in their direct management team. Developing a flow map which prioritizes and identifies the best method to communicate information will improve employee productivity, employee satisfaction and meeting department and organization goals.
Developing a flow map which prioritizes and identifies the best method to communicate information will improve employee productivity. One way is to provide easy access to information required to perform daily job functions. Creating a central location where policies, procedures, forms and resources are available 24/7. Development of a web based shared site for employees to access, would decrease time spent looking for the appropriate information and forms. This site would have to be actively managed, to ensure information is continually updated and current. Keeping the information and resources on the site updated is extremely important to establish the site as a credible resource. Employees need to have confidence that the information is vetted, supports current best practice and supported is by the management team.
The shared site provides an efficient and effective method of departmental communication which will impact employee productivity daily and long term. Providing access to policies, procedures, forms and resources will establish consistent application and create a common department language. The shared site will decrease miscommunication. Current updated information will be available to all...

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