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Why I Want To Study Industrial Engineering

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Why IE?
The word Industrial Engineering is still anonymous to majority of population in India when compared to other fields like Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, and I was no exception, until I came to know about this course in the junior year of my college. I frequently used to wonder about the uniqueness of both, Engineering and Management yet their mutual importance to each other. Any organization either a Hospital or an Industry there has to be a perfect blend of both Engineering and Management for its smooth working. Every time I thought about this subject, a question used to crop up and puzzle me. Is there a single course which is an amalgamation of both these areas? When I made a meticulous quest of such a course I came in acquaintance of the major, Industrial Engineering. On comprehensive research about the course I learnt about its manifold application. I acknowledged that it could be linked to everything, from determining queuing order of a ticket counter to pipe layout design of an oil Industry, Industrial Engineers have a vital role of minimizing the time and other essential factors. After realizing that this course would offer such challenges and fun, I acknowledged that this course is tailored for me and was in deep resentment for not being aware of the course earlier. But it was not too late, since I opted for production engineering in my bachelor’s I had like Ergonomics and Operations research which I have chosen for my current semester which has given me more detailed knowledge about the course.
Extra Curricular
Excluding the conventional academic study, I have my contributions in numerous activities which include the organization of national level symposiums of the department for three consecutive years apart from the first year of college. I was appointed the coordinator of the ROBOTICS event held each year. My self interest transcended me from this level and made me the department representative for the organization of the second ever TEDx event of our college and our team was lauded by the Chairman of our college for the lucrative idea. Being a part of such contingent inculcated many important qualities like interpersonal skill of communication and management skill of accomplishing a job with limited amount of people and time in me, which I feel is very important characteristic for an Industrial Engineer to possess.
Social Work
I am a firm believer and follower of the hackneyed statement of “Give as you Earn”. In our tradition there is belief that the Earth is the mother goddess and we are her children, and it is the responsibility of the elder children to guide and help the younger children. Similarly it can be related to real life scenario that people with sufficient economic condition must help the people with scant economic condition. We as a group of 15 students took it upon ourselves to initiate this move and formed a group named “ILA BHARATHAM” which means “YOUNG INDIA” and started our work from...

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