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Statement Of Purpose To Enter Into University Of California Berkeley

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Getting the Fulbright grant in 2008 was the greatest ambition I ever achieved in my life. The scholarship has given me a considerable opportunity to be schooled in digital architecture and to obtain sufficient knowledge in this major. "Digital Architecture" is one of the rare specialization's in Libya, and I am proud to say that I am the first female Libyan architect who has a master's degree in such major. This honor made me think genuinely about granting it to my country by carrying what I had learned to the University of Tripoli (UT), and to be the foremost professor in this major. However, persuading my Ph.D. study at the University of California Berkeley shall be a sequel to my initial steps in this area and will enhance my knowledge and serve both my country and my school that is still lacking the spirit of accepting new trends in architecture.
In the terms of my undergraduate study, one course in the Architecture Department generated my curiosity towards the connection between the Architecture and Technology; Structure Systems. By choosing Walt Disney Concert Hall as a case study for an assignment in this course, I realized how CAD tools are able to increase architect’s expressive and geometric power, and how computer models can be used throughout the whole design process to translate the architect’s concept. “CATIA provides a way for me to get closer to the craft," said Frank Gehry referring to the software that was implemented in his practice. He explained "In the past, there were many layers between my rough sketch and the final building, and the feeling of the design could get lost before it reached the craftsman. It feels like I've been speaking a foreign language, and now, all of a sudden, the craftsman understands me. Flat drawings of curved surfaces can be beautiful, but they are deceptive; with CATIA you can see how to build it." Through this trend towards linking Technology with Architecture, I tried to highlight it in my final thesis in UT. My supervisor Professor Hammad encouraged me to be more open and creative in designing the headquarters of General Authority for Information in Tripoli, “Just make it more than an office building, and try to use modern materials and technology” he said. I focused on using geometry as a tool to express my concept, and following the Corbusieran theory in positioning it within nature.
Ever since, I have always desired a chance in which I can develop myself through studying a major gathers between design and Hi-tech. I never thought that there is a such major being taught at international universities called Design with Digital Media. Consequently, Fulbright scholarship was that chance I was looking for which helped me meet my ambition and to get a master degree in digital architecture from University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) in 2011. During the two years studying in UNL, I got familiar with the major by working on software applications that I never used before such as Revit and Rhino, and got...

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