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Statement Of Purpose: A Master Degree In Mechanical Engineering

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“Real knowledge, like everything else of the highest value, is not to be obtained easily. It must be worked for, studied for, thought for, and, more than all, it must be prayed for”
- Thomas Arnold
It’s quite true that the real knowledge cannot be acquired in an easier way instead we need to strive hard and even face many hardships in order to obtain a wide range of knowledge. Obtaining the knowledge is not just the fact to be considered but we also needed to gain the knowledge in our field of interest which fetches a lot in studies as well as for building up a healthy career.
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Thus, the Mechanical engineering was a direct consequence of my convictions towards science and the intuition in it. Also, the interest in the field of Automobile and Aeronautics paved my path towards the Mechanical Engineering discipline. This led me to join into VIJAY RURAL ENGINEERING COLLEGE (VREC), NIZAMABAD, INDIA by acquiring a good rank amongst half a million students and obtaining an admission into the Mechanical Engineering Discipline. Also the subjects like Manufacturing Processes, CAD/CAM, Metal cutting & Machine Tool Engineering, Machine Design, Industrial Management, Kinematics & Dynamics of Machines, Automotive Engineering, Applied Thermodynamics, Control Systems Engineering etc., revealed to me the limitless horizons in the field of Mechanical Engineering. The Undergraduate study was a richly rewarding experience for me as it created a basic path for choosing my field of interest amongst the vast subjects in the field of Mechanical Engineering.
Working on numerous group projects during the course of study made to realize the importance of teamwork and also my leadership qualities. Case studies and class presentations have boosted up my confidence levels and enhanced my comprehensive, communication and analytical skills. Participating in class discussions and also interacting with other students and sharing their experiences helped me in building up a healthy learning environment. A mixture of all these qualities would certainly facilitate a positive approach towards my Master’s Degree.
I am currently pursuing my project work in CADEUM ENGINEERING SOLUTIONS on the topic regarding “Impact Reduction Mechanism For a Vehicle” with a Team-size of 5 members. The main aim of the project was to design a new mechanism to reduce impact force when accidents occurs for a vehicle .using CatiaV5 and then simulating & analyzing the design using Ansys 13.0 and then obtaining the results from it. This project keenly shows my interests in the field of design and manufacturing which will be fetching me for my Master’s Degree and future as well.
I have also pursued an Internship program for two weeks from the Tata Service Centre during a period 28th January 2014 to 9th February 2014 which is being managed and maintained by the Tejaswini Motors. The internship enhanced my knowledge vastly by reflecting the growth in the Automobile Industry brought up them. This would certainly help me in the future for my career as an...

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