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Statement Of Purpose: Civil Engineering Essay

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Statement of purpose
“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
I would like to start by going back to the initial days of Engineering where I was not sure about doing Engineering but as the days passed I started realizing the step that I took could not have been better .I was fascinated by the laboratories and field work of Civil Engineering and my interest for the subject started growing .Moreover, I had always had to believe that education which cannot help in the growth of the society is of no value which ensured my step of doing my under graduation in Civil Engineering . Construction plays a vital role in changing the face of Indian panorama. When we go for the high-rise buildings, modern bridges or ultra-modern condominiums; Structural Engineering will form the heart of the construction development.
I started finding constructions even more interesting when I explored different techniques of construction on my college trips. The reason for me to choose Structural Engineering is because the design and analysis subjects fascinated me the most. The subject of reinforced cement concrete and design of steel structures showed me that my true interest lies in structural analysis and design part of the subject. For the same reasons, I even chose design and analysis of multistoried building as project for the final semester. M opting for MS is to gain more knowledge in a more practical way which can help in achieving my goal of setting up my own construction company in India. I have a plan of launching my own construction company which can help in the construction of advanced structures which is only possible when I have profuse knowledge about constructions and can achieved to a great extent by doing masters.
My concepts in this field were strengthened after I studied courses like Strength of materials, Structural analysis, Design of reinforced concrete structures, and Design of steel structures. All these subjects helped me to understand the design details that are required for building construction. In addition to these,...

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