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Statement Of Purpose For A Cancer Biology Application

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My love and passion for Animal Medicine and Health guided my choice in pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Veterinary Medicine from the College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Qassim University. Having chosen a specialization in Veterinary Medicine, coupled with a higher academic performance with a GPA of 3.82/5, I will be completing my Master degree from the University of Rhode Island in Medical laboratory Science with a bias in Cytopathology in 2014.
In partial fulfillment of the requirements for my master degree, I did a research on Testicular Cancer. In particular, I have studied Seminoma, in which I have critically examined the different variants of seminomas in all of their stages of development, through a presentation of their epidemiology, etiology and risk factors. Furthermore, I have outlined the detection and diagnostic procedures, their differentials and immunohistochemistry stains, current treatment methods, alongside the new developments ...view middle of the document...

I believe that as a requirement to further specialization in cancer biology, both as a practitioner and a lecturer in the future, I have to acquire a full comprehension of the mechanism of metastasis of tumors, angiogenesis, and the factors that helps to regulate this process. I decided to shift my interest from Veterinary Medicine to human cancer research and diagnosis. This is due to my father’s diagnosis with chronic Myelogenous Leukemia, grandmother with Lung Cancer, both of which led me to accept the job of a teacher assistant at the Medical Laboratory Department in Qassim University.
In order to achieve the requirements necessary to meet my future goals in the field of cancer biology, there is a compulsory need for me to engage in a comprehensive research work in various aspects of cancer biology. Compelled by the desire to quench my thirst in research work, I have taken a critical look at your areas of your research activities in cancer biology for quite a long time. I have therefore chosen to register my interest to study under your supervision. I am very aware of your strong reputation, which has served to deepen my interest in becoming a member of your team.
Having secured an internship at the Animal Hospital at Qassim University, I performed and assisted in small and large animal surgery as well as assisted on farm calls and handled after-hours large-animal emergencies. Furthermore, I also believe that your university is the right place to realize my dreams. Based on my Veterinary Medicine and Cytopathology backgrounds, I believe I will make a successful applicant for a PhD program in your highly reputable institution. Given a chance, I will use the opportunity to exploit my full potential, to improve and enhance my educational accomplishments under your kind control.
As a Teaching Assistant from Qassim University, SA, the University has given me a full scholarship to pursue my studies for a PhD degree. The scholarship will cover all my expenses and tuition for the program of my choice. Maximum dedication to comprehensive research shall form an integral part of my appreciation. I promise to prove myself a good research student. It is my intention to make a significant contribution to my chosen field as I look forward to our relationship with great eagerness.

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