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Statement Of Purpose For A Masters In Computer Science

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Computers in technological development demand more efficient networking. In a very short period it has changed the way we have looked at things since centuries. It is one industry that is going to shape our future for centuries to come Coming from a background of Electronics and Communication Engineering, I have developed an interest to probe into the area of Networking and Computer Networks. Hence I wish to do Masters in Computer Science (CS) as my major.
My interest in Computers dates back to early days of my high school. The field of CS has always fascinated me. The reason for choosing CS stream was not a hasty decision. My interest started developing in the early stage of my life, when I studied about the invention of computers. The transformation from the large size to small palmtops enticed me to know about the factors responsible for making computers, also the electronic gadgets so small. I was quite impressed after seeing a small chip for the first time in my school days, especially after I learnt that it contained more than 1000 transistors, “integrated circuits”.
I did my schooling from Merry Land High School, in an idyllic atmosphere where I gradually flourished as a versatile person. Then I joined Vision Pu College, where I explored extracurricular activities other than academics; which helped me evolve as an extrovert child. This encouragement and involvement helped me to have an open and a positive attitude in life. I actively participated in Inter School Soccer Competitions.
My fascination towards Electronics N Communication basically developed in the 12th when I took part in a science exhibition. I was then fascinated with the complexities of different structures and their working. The interest and fascination has evolved into a determination to study the subject deeply and to carry out valuable research in the field.
After completion of my school studies, I got admitted to Nagarjuna College of Engineering & Technology affiliated to Visveshvaraya Technological University, which is one of the reputed universities at the global level. I took Electronics and Communication as my major in the undergraduate program. During the course of the study I was exposed to various...

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