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Statement Of Purpose For A Masters In Telecommunications Management

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Our world has changed. In the early days one would need to spend a lot of time and resources to deliver a letter or a piece of news – people had to send messages through enormous territories, using animals and birds. Nowadays it takes only several seconds to receive a message from another part of the world. Can you imagine that? Billions of users all around the globe, terabytes of information are sent from one continent to another, amount of nodes between the sender and the receiver could be greater than a thousand. Even though this system seems to work in a complicated way, the usage of the telecommunications services is easy for a regular user. Every person can pick the phone or turn on ...view middle of the document...

Along the way my comprehension of the computer networks was increasing, however, it was only the very top of the iceberg of my knowledge of the world networks.

Even before I finished high school, information technologies had become an important part of my life. I was keen to learn more about new devices, radio-electronic systems and continuously kept track of the news from IT conventions. Much of this seemed to be some kind of “magic” to me and it provoked my eagerness to study more to understand how everything works. I had a chance to augment my knowledge at Moscow Technological University of Telecommunications and Informatics, and I am grateful for the professors that taught me to make the mysterious side of IT and high technology vanish, while I was learning more about electronics, electric circuits, computing, switching systems and so on. With every new topic I studied, with every new fact I discovered for myself, I became more and more confident about my choice to tie my future life with telecommunications.

The next step of exploring the world of telecommunications was finishing the courses of Cisco CCNA Routing & Switching. I have always thought that an engineer needs experience in the practical arena, these courses were educative for me, because I worked with routers and switchers for the first time in the laboratory conditions at Cisco Network Academy. My acquaintance with IP-networks led to my increased attention to data transmission, and eventually it replaced telephony as my favorite area of study. After I completed the full course, my horizons expanded – previous topics became too simple for me, I looked forward to quench my thirst for further knowledge. The more I learn, the more I question myself about the different areas of the field.

I became enthusiastic to find out the answers for my endless questions and to know everything, even though it is impossible. I can spend hours absorbing new information about something related to IT, even if there is no particular need to do this for my classes or for my job. For example, in 2013 Edward Snowden disclosed how the intelligence agencies track the activity of the Internet users. After I heard about it, I read a huge amount of information about the network security and the protection from network violation.

In 2012, Jet Infosystems employed me as a trainee. At that point, I saw the massive difference between doing the research in the lab conditions and completing the projects for the real clients who need equipment to work efficiently, unceasingly and constantly. The fault-tolerance of this system relies upon the standardization of the various protocols that were introduced by ITU-T, IETF, IEEE and other organizations. Since I was an employee of the...

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