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Statement Of Purpose For Engineering Management Program

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Rohit Chittimalla,
Engineering Management, Fall 2014

“To live without regret, we must have a concrete purpose, continually setting goals and challenges for ourselves. Those who don't have challenges don't have responsibilities.” - C. Joy Bell C.
Hailing from a family which had always encouraged me to study and achieve my goals, I have completed my Bachelors in Engineering from GITAM(Gandhi Institute of technology And Management) University with a first class degree. It is after a good deal of self-evaluation that I have decided to pursue graduate studies in Engineering Management. This decision followed naturally after carefully considering my academic background, the areas of my interest, and my ultimate professional ambition. The way my father used to manage and marshall his subordinates in our family business to get the optimum result has developed a keen interest in me to choose engineering management. I have been enthralled by the commendable way of procuring the required work by a proper management technique. I have known the importance of proper management throughout my life and it has boggled my mind with its various aspects which has developed interest in me to take up the responsibility. Responsibility is a challenging phase of management and I have always welcomed challenges as they come for they have always brought the best out of me.
A certain parts of my undergraduate subjects like Management Information Systems, Software Management and Project Planning and Management have created a great impact in my mind and have always grabbed my attention and probed me to take a step further. This has ignited the spark in me and put light onto my goals. Having a consistent increase in my grades during my undergraduate level has nurtured me well to take up the challenges that I will be encountering during the course. Engineering Management hits the right chords for my field of interest and I am quite confident that I will excel in it.
On the other hand when I see management as a career option, I always feel that I am made for it and will master it to the extent under the guidance of your esteemed university. I have been managing my projects and was one of the project heads for my college. Applying the correct logic to a given situation has boosted my confidence and presence of mind. My junior seminar work, my practical training and my courses have given me plenty of exposure to these areas and I feel that I have sufficient motivation and aptitude to work in this field. I am...

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